Where is Singapore Best Korean Restaurant | Hoodadak Korean Restaurant Serving New Menu Authentic Korean Dishes | Must Try


Hoodadak Singapore is a Korean Restaurant that opened in Fusionopolis in One North.The head chef is Korean, the menu has wide selection of Korean authentic dishes.
We return to try their new menu just launched recently and would like to recommend them.


Bossam Set, Steam meat with rice, soup and lettuce.
Bossam is a pork dish in Korean cuisine. It usually consists of pork shoulder that is boiled in spices and thinly sliced.The meat is served with side dishes such as spicy radish salad, sliced raw garlic, ssamjang (wrap sauce), saeu-jeot (salted shrimp), kimchi, and ssam (wrap) vegetables such as lettuce, kkaennip (perilla leaves), and inner leaves of a napa cabbage.
Bossam is a popular dish in South Korea, often served as anju (i.e. food accompanying alcoholic drinks). To eat, the meat and side dishes are wrapped together in ssam vegetables, hence the literal meaning of bossam: “wrapped” or “packaged”.

Daeejigugbab, this is a soup with pig intestine and slices of pork, very authentic and popular among Korean. Not easy to find this in Singapore and Chef is very happy to offer this to the customers and indeed this has become a popular dish since the start of new menu.
Galibitang Beef, Galbi-tang or short rib soup is a variety of guk, or Korean soup, made primarily from beef short ribs along with stewing beef, radish, onions, and other ingredients. The short ribs, or “galbi” also refers to grilled short ribs in Korean barbecue while the suffix tang is another name for guk. Chef use top quality beef and this dish has also become a very popular dish here.
Jjimdak, (Korean Braised Chicken) with Korean glass noodles, oyster sauce etc it has quite a home cook taste which is why Chef introduce it in new menu
Jjamppong Seafood Noodle, Jjamppong is a spicy Korean noodle soup with seafood in a spicy broth. Here the chef did not make it too spicy so that most customers could accept it
Yangnyeomgalbi beef 200g, marinated galbi is referred to as yangnyeom-galbi (“seasoned ribs”) and this dish is served piping hot on hot plate.

Korean Chef has shown us extensive new menu and many hard to find dishes yet authentic. Very enjoyable dining experience. Tel: 6254 8650

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