Where to find authentic Korean restaurant in Singapore ? Hanpan Korean Restaurant




Hanpan Korean Restaurant, located at the Boat Quay area. They have been in Singapore for several years and quite a popular place among the Koreans too. The Chef is from Korea and cook authentic Korean Seoul Food. You can find your usual fried chicken, Korean Stew, BBQ etc.

We recently visited the place and would like to recommend some of the delicious dishes we have tried.

김치찌개 Kimchi Stew, An anti-oxidant rich kimchi based stew with pork & mixed vegetables. This is served piping hot which is a good sign. Also include side dishes and rice. So it is quite a good value for money set. They also sell the Kimchi in container which shows they really spend effort in serving good quality kimchi and there are demand for it on its own.
불고기 Bulgolgi (Chicken/Pork/Beef) Spicy Bulgolgi Chicken, Classic fried chicken bulgolgi dish with spicy flavor. Again a great value set served with rice and side dishes. Quite a popular item and a familiar one. Tasty spicy sauce and perfect with rice.
닭강정 Korean Boneless Chicken, Deep fried boneless chicken pieces dipped in either original or sweet & spicy sauce. A must have for all Korean fans, their fried chicken is quite big in size and satisfying.

Seafood Pancake, A savory crispy pancake with seafood. Crispy pancake Korean style good with some spicy chili sauce. Chunky seafood inside.

Japchae with Beef, Hanpan’s fat-free sweet potato noodles served with meat and vegetables. One of our favorite here because the noodle is yummy and fat free, the beef is excellent and overall taste is perfect. Quite a good size serving so you can share among your friends.

Enjoy freshly-made Kimchi using the freshest ingredients and spices specially prepared by Korean chef. Kimchi Available for order

22 Lorong Telok @ Boat Quay, Singapore. Call 8788 1281 or Whatsapp Us to make your orders in advance or to make a reservation.

All the menu and ordering link can be found on their website http://www.hanpan.sg/ #hanpan #korean #koreanfood #kimchi #bulgogi #japchae #koreanchicken #koreanpancake #deliveryfood

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