MOS Cafe

MOS Cafe was conceptualised as a flagship cafe that caters to the lifestyle of customers. Whether for breakfast or lunch, during a shopping break or just a day out with friends, the intention is to create a welcoming space that anyone can relax in and enjoy. The MOS Cafe menu is also specially put together, driven by a “fresh” concept – using lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. The menu is made up of original Cafe items as well as items carefully curated from the MOS Burger menu. We tried some of the new menu and would like to recommend them.
Gourmet Wagyu Burger: Crispy, smoky turkey bacon, with juicy pineapples that oozes inside your mouth, and also there’s zesty orange sauce that guarantees you a mouth-watering treat that you cannot resist!


Premium Smoked Wagyu Burger Plate: Imagine dripping BBQ wagyu sauce paired with caramelized onions and a freshly cooked wagyu beef patty.

Wagyu Demi Glace Rice Plate: 100% Premium Wagyu Beef patty slathered with a generous serving of smooth Demi-glace sauce on the steamy rice.

Chicken Vegetable Curry with Chicken Cutlet Rice Plate: A popular fried chicken topped with MOS In-house Japanese Curry.

Osaka Yaki Rice Burger Plate : Seafood Rice burger topped with Okomoniyaki sauce and ending with bento flake.

Crispy Chicken Salad : Combination of salad and chicken lovers with MOS popular crispy fried chicken.

Hot Special Fruit Tea : A variety of real fruit mixing with MOS special tea, ones can have fruit with tea. It comes either cold or hot. Vegetable Smoothie : A healthy beverages with mixing of 2 types of vegetable.

Matcha Warabimochi Dessert : Authentic Japanese dessert with matcha ice cream and red bean.
MOS Cafe at Great World Singapore is located on ground floor #01-112 . Great World is excited to welcome guests back with a series of exclusive promotions and rewards from now till 31 July. Redeem a $10 dining voucher when you spend $80* or get a 10% return value* with every purchase of $100 Great V-app vouchers. T&Cs apply, visit for more details


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