PappaRich Pappa Nasi Lemak, Pappa Chicken Rice, Pappa Curry Laksa, Pappa Prawn Mee

PappaRich has over 150 outlets worldwide including Malaysia, Australia, China, Indonesia and now in #Singapore. At PappaRich you will be able to find authentic and delicious staple local #halal #cuisine in the urban city of Singapore. Designed as a cozy ambience with a trip down memory lane to the good old days for a family get together; or that familiar chit chat space with friends about everything under the sun, all these awaits you at #PappaRich and you can indulge in all-time favorites such as Pappa Nasi Lemak, Pappa Chicken Rice, Pappa #Curry #Laksa, Pappa #Prawn Mee, and the deliciously rich and creative drinks menu that fits right to your stomach and warms right up to your heart.By staying true to its ingredients and ensuring top quality food is served, the lavish selection on our popular menu will leave you wanting for more.

We have recently tried the signature Nasi Lemak with fried chicken and its very authentic. The peanuts and ikan bilis is so crispy like its was just deep fried. The chilli sauce is special too, non of those factory quick fix sauce. The egg is also freshly pan fried with the lemak rice and curry potato. Next is the curry chicken laksa with noodle , the curry gravy is on point , and the tender chicken meat is so fresh and its not soaked in the gravy to retain its taste. We also like to Wat Tan Hor Fun fried kway teow which is served with lots of gravy and ingredients like fresh prawns. Don’t forget to order their satay because it is one of the best satay we tasted as the meat was not burnt and tender when you bite on it. Not easy to do it to such precision.

You can now order these delicious dishes online and have them deliver to you. #restaurant #instafood #eatlocal #homedelivery #goodfood#freshfoodfast #orderandcollect #treatyourself
#takeaway #takeawayfood #halalfood



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