Welcome to Oyster Co Briny fresh, quality oysters at $1.99

Welcome to Oyster Co! Briny fresh, quality oysters at $1.99, paired with Savoury Ocean Crafted Selection and Tapas, feel like diving into the fresh deep blue sea! Bringing the sea, right in front of your doorstep! We are excited to try their menu. Top recommendation is their Oysters.

Classic Selection Oysters $1.99 x 6 pc , these are pack in ice pack. Sealed.

Fish and Chips, delicious 2 pcs of fish with lots of thick fries in tartar sauce. Yummy.

Pork Bowl, in health brown rice, with egg, veggies, and slices of pork. Next is the Oyster Mee Sua only $5.00. Oysters is not included here so you can order the mee sua to go with the oysters you order separately. We find the taste authentic quite like the Taiwanese oyster mee sua. For oyster omelet lovers, you should also get the Oyster Omelet, with individual oyster on top. Serve in the oyster shell.

For meat lover, you can go for the Oyster co signature ribeye steak-200g. Served with abundant of thick fries and salad. The steak is thick and juicy and you can specify the doneness. For Pizza lovers, you can get the Meatlover Pizza, thin crust, a bit Hawaiian style and very popular. Last but not least don’t miss the drinks. Get the Dark Chocolate bubble tea only $3.90 with real chocolate chips and the Brown Sugar Milk Tea bubble tea also $3.90 with lots of brown sugar. The pearl does not expand out of shape after a while so the taste is still good even if you drink it a few hours later. Keep it in the fridge of course.

So there is always something for everyone, To order and check out the menu, ORDER ONLINE | oystercosg ISLANDWIDE DELIVERY AVAILABLE! Or drop by to take away at their shop #01-06 Central Mall, 1 Magazine Road Singapore 059567 – Office Lobby #oysters #oysterbar #freshoysters #oystersco #singaporeoysters #sgdelivery #sgtakeaway #sgpizza #steaksg #fishandchips



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