Penang Kitchen Singapore

Penang Kitchen Singapore was featured in #Michelin #Guide for its #Assam #Laksa. They serve a variety of dishes native to the #Malaysian state. Their Assam laksa is thick with flavourful broth and a real kick of chili. Authentic taste that many are looking for in Singapore. Now they offer a 10% discount for all take-out orders from the Far East Plaza branch (#03-89) Tel 69042880

Highly recommended are the following:

#Belacan Chicken Wing: Marinated tasty chicken wings

Penang #Kueh Pie Tee: The skin is still crispy when we eat it at home.

Homemade Fried Turnip Cake (Lor Bak Go): This one is #handmade so it’s a must try and taste different from those sold in food stall. From the proprietor, Madam Luck’s, dim sum style pan fried turnip cake.

Homemade #Penang Loh Bak: Handmade and with delicious ingredient which is a big different from other factory made one. Tender juice pork in bean curd sheet.

#Penang Sampler: Bundle the Balacan chicken wings and Loh Bak into one platter for convenient ordering.

Penang Assam Laksa: featured in Michelin Guide for its Assam Laksa, a MUST TRY here. We find the taste authentic like what we tasted in Penang.

Penang Char Kway Teow: Full of wok-hei, fried with Chinese sausage, prawns, egg, ku chai, bean sprouts

#Curry Kapitan: for curry lover, this one you will like it, with generous chicken, potato curry

Ambra Fruit Juice with Sour Plum drink: Looking for something to drink after all the chili and spice, this is a good recommendation, very refreshing.

You can also order these online from Deliveroo or Food Panda, or
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