PEZZO PIZZA always thick and extra cheesy. Pezzo will always leave you feeling satisfied.

At Pezzo every pizza has its own unique character and taste. Enjoy some scrumptious tasting pizzas on-the-go. You can buy by the slices. Their pizza crafters take utmost pride in tossing, garnishing and baking all the pizzas fresh daily. The  lip-smackin’ pizzas come as individual slices so you can choose to just have one slice, or combine slices of different kinds of pizzas to make your meal!

The pizza is always thick and extra cheesy. Pezzo will always leave you feeling satisfied.

The winning recipe is the amount of ingredients given. The toppings are generous and seem like a lot going on. Meat lovers are likely to love the selections. We have tried the Special Raya Series Pizzas.

Nasi Lemak Pizza , Rendang Shiok Pizza & Chocolate Banana Pizza.


Nasi Lemak

Fresh Dough topped with Onions, Red Pepper, Cucumber, Ikan Bilis, Peanuts, Mozzarella Cheese, popcorn chicken and special Crave’s sambal chilli.  S$29.90. This is very spicy and those who like spicy food would enjoy this.


Rendang Shiok

Fresh dough spreaded with special Crave’s Rendang sauce, minced chicken rendang, onion, red pepper, pineapple and lastly sprinkled with Mozzarella Cheese.  S$29.90. This is also one of our favourite with yummy chicken rendang and Crave’s rendang sauce.


Chocolate Banana

Suitable for Birthday and Celebratiion. This pizza topped with chocolate sauce, topped with banana slices, and lastly sprinkled with mozzarella cheese.  S$24.90. Everyone would like this for its rich chocolate sauce and slightly roasted banana slices.

If you haven’t tried yet, remember to order before 20 June , these special Raya pizzas will definitely bring joy to the family. or


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