Kinki Restaurant and Bar

Kinki Restaurant + Bar is based on the urban ethos of being brave enough to change the game. They’re shaking up the dining scene with an ambience that defies tradition, modern Japanese dishes peppered with own touch. Awarded the ‘Best Japanese Restaurant Casual Dining’ by RAS Epicurean Star Award 2019, Kinki now delivers Japanese gastronomic delights with a twist right to your doorstep.

Expect signature dishes like Wagyu Garlic Teppanyaki, Nori Crusted Salmon, the Grilled Giant Sea Prawn with spicy cod roe and all-time favourite creative maki such as The Black Dragon with fried breaded prawn, seared Japanese unagi and cream cheese. Get free delivery islandwide when you spend above $80 with Mastercard. Use Promo Code <MCFREE>. Order now via

Some of the dishes we have tasted and recommends:

Black Dragon, Fried breaded prawn, seared Japanese unagi, cream cheese, cucumber, soy reduction & mayo only S$27.00. Crunchy fried prawn with unagi and cream cheese, the combination that is surprisingly good.

Premium Unagi Donburi,Grilled Japanese unagi with homemade unagi soy, Serves with miso soup and salad, S$34.00. The large portion of unagi makes this a worthwhile donburi, and they are perfectly grilled, unagi lover will be very satisfied.


Wagyu Foie Gras Donburi, Sliced wagyu beef, seared foie gras with homemade soy reduction, Serves with miso soup and salad,  S$40.00. This one is a must try for any wagyu beef eater and foie gras lover. We get chunky pieces of foie gras that melts immediately when you put in your mouth. Have it with the juicy wagyu beef and Japanese rice, you will be totally satisfied


Nori Crusted Salmon, Baked seaweed crusted spicy salmon, Serves with rice, miso soup and salad,  S$30.00. Baked to the right temperature while keeping the insider moist and juicy. Perfect that it comes with rice. The salmon is quite a thick piece, you can taste the crunchy outer layer and the soft inner layer.


Get free delivery islandwide when you spend above $80 with Mastercard. Use Promo Code <MCFREE>. Order now via


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