Bangkok’s famous 24-hour restaurant chain Took Lae Dee comes to Singapore

Bangkok’s famous 24-hour restaurant chain Took Lae Dee comes to Singapore, in the brand’s first-ever overseas outpost in 45 years. For bringing it in, we have local group Hersing Culinary to thank, who also launched global Michelin-endorsed brands here such as Tim Ho Wan, Tsuta and Hawker Chan. Meaning “cheap and good” food, Took Lae Dee is most commonly found as a food counter in Thai Foodland supermarkets, and holds the longest history as a 24-hour eatery in Bangkok. Here, Took Lae Dee Singapore gets an upgrade from food counter to actual restaurant, but you’ll be pleased to know the prices remain just as affordable. Dishes on the menu include classics Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, Green Curry, as well as the signature Pad Krapow (otherwise known as Basil Pork Rice). As for drinks, stick to the Took Lae Dee Iced Thai Tea (with iced tea cubes that won’t dilute the drink); or order the Iced Butterfly Pea Tea that comes tinted blue.
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