Beerfest Brewery & Restaurant in Singapore


Beerfest Brewery & Restaurant in Singapore is a traditional restaurant, famous for its craft beer and classic Western and Slavic cuisine. It has been in business for 15 years. They  are international chain of restaurants in Russia, Thailand and Singapore.

They are located in calm green place, have a pleasant background music and friendly staff. Huge and polished beer tanks with fresh brewing beer is a magnet for guests! Craft beer is brewed and served to the bar from special tanks with cooling. Beer is always live, fresh and unfiltered. Made according traditional German technologies, their beer contains live yeast culture, which makes Beerfest beer a healthy drink. To keep beer fresh and natural they use modern technologies: the cooling system is made according high standards to maintain constant temperature in storage tanks and keep the yeast alive. Beerfest beer is one of the coldest when serving, its temperature is 0.3-1.0 C.

German pubs are known for their wonderfully warm atmosphere and low-price food. In Beerfest Brewery & Restaurant you can get together with friends, make a party or have a nice dinner.

Address: 139215, Singapore, Rochester Park, 4.

Tel +6597227446

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