L Angelus Authentic French Restaurant SINGAPORE Club Street Fine Dinning


L’Angelus, Singapore was established in 1998 and is the oldest single-location French restaurant in the city. Its dedication to exceptional food as well as its exclusive French wine list has earned it its spot in history – and a number of awards to go alongside.
Reminiscent of the charming restaurants tucked away in quiet corners of Paris, the setting and décor of L’Angelus evoke a very warm and familiar feeling, emitting an incandescent love of everything French.
Casier à serviettes, wooden pigeonholes for patrons’ napkins line the walls, vintage posters lend a dramatic feel and colourful cut-glass ceiling lets in warm tones of daylight and fill the room with colour!
The chefs follow traditional French cooking techniques, showcasing classic and interpreted dishes made from recipes honed to perfection through the centuries. The menu is expressed by dishes spectacularly simple and yet exquisite, devoted to using the highest quality ingredients, mostly air-flown directly from Rungis France.
The food is complemented by a unique and highly curated wine list, full of gems and vintages for wine aficionados.
The bar is perhaps the best-kept secret of L’Angelus. Apart from an exhaustive wine selection from France, the bar offers a great selection of spirits, liqueurs, cocktails, and Armagnacs.
To experience the ‘true joie de vivre’ that comes with eating classic French cuisine, L’Angelus is the place to dine at.

85 Club Street
Singapore (069453)

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