Ho Fook Hei rose wine soy sauce chicken Great World City


The Cantonese have a saying that “a meal is not complete without having chicken”. The chicken symbolises not only prosperity, but also good fortune (“ho fook hei” in Cantonese), and is a must-have especially during festive occasions and celebrations. “Soy Sauce Chicken” was said to have been created over a hundred years ago in Guangdong Province, when a master chef from out of town sought to spice up the way the Cantonese traditionally poached chicken at a famous local restaurant, substituting bland water with a fragrant soy sauce based braising liquid, resulting in a flavourful dish that has become synonymous with Cantonese cuisine.

Ho Fook Hei’s specialty Soy Sauce Chicken is prepared the traditional Cantonese way, using a time-honoured recipe passed down through the years. Farm fresh chicken is slowly and skilfully poached in an aromatic braising liquid of superior soy sauce and a secret blend of Chinese herbs and spices. The result is a chicken that is flavourful to the bone with a hint rose-scented wine, meat that is silky and tender, and a skin that glistens golden brown. So enjoy Ho Fook Hei’s Soy Sauce Chicken today, and bring a bundle of good fortune back home with you!

A new dining experience by Joyden Concepts

#01-141 Great World City
Tel: 6219 2262



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