Cuisson Singapore is a French-Japanese restaurant Review


Cuisson, located on Tanjong Pagar, is a fine French-Japanese restaurant opened late last year by Chef-owner Jonathan Koh and his team. The restaurant offers a seafood-centric menu that highlights top-notch and seasonal ingredients in every course.

We opted for the 8-course menu priced at $258++. The meal began with L’Amuse Bouche, a silky royale infused with crustacean fragrances and marinated crab. The dish was an excellent start to the meal, with a burst of flavors and textures that left us excited for what was to come.

The Ehime Hamachi 48, the second course, featured lightly marinated yellowtail, marukyo bafun uni, rabelais tomato, and kinkan confit. The combination of flavors was outstanding, with the tomato and confit adding a slight sweetness to the dish.

The Shizuoka Kawahagi 58, a thread sail filefish, was served with blond sesame, conference pear, seaweed, and Kristal caviar. The fish was cooked to perfection, with a delicate flavor that was complemented well by the other elements on the plate.

The Jeju Awabi 58 was a standout dish, with abalone lightly grilled and served with foie gras, parsley fragrances, and jus au gras. The dish was a rich and luxurious treat for the taste buds, with the foie gras and jus adding depth to the dish.

The Textures of Prawn 58 featured prawn pasta, sakura ebi, carabinero croquette, prawn roe, and coral emulsion. The dish was a celebration of prawns, with each element on the plate showcasing the versatility and complexity of this seafood.

The Hokkaido Samageirei 65 was a bincho-grilled fish served with glazed sunchokes, wilted spinach, and sauce soubise. The fish was cooked perfectly, with a charred flavor that was balanced well by the sweetness of the glazed sunchokes.

The Canadian Geoduck Donabe 130 was the highlight of the meal, with charcoal-grilled geoduck served with tsuyahime rice, kombu, Japanese chives, and pickles. The dish was a delightful combination of textures and flavors, with the geoduck’s sweet and tender flesh perfectly complemented by the nutty flavor of the rice.

For dessert, we opted for two choices from the Grande Trolley, which featured a range of sweet treats. The trolley was a feast for the eyes, with a variety of desserts beautifully presented on it.

The service at Cuisson was impeccable, with Restaurant Manager Steve and Service Staff Raymond taking great care of us throughout the meal. Overall, Cuisson is a must-visit for foodies looking for an exceptional French-Japanese dining experience in Singapore.


Silky Royale | Crustacean Fragrances | Marinated Crab

Lightly Marinated | Marukyo Bafun Uni | Rabelais Tomato | Kinkan Confit

Thread Sail Filefish | Blond Sesame | Conference Pear | Seaweed | Kristal Caviar

Abalone Lightly Grilled | Foie Gras | Parsley Fragrances | Jus au Gras

Prawn Pasta | Sakura Ebi | Carabinero Croquette | Prawn Roe | Coral Emulsion

Bincho Grilled | Glazed Sunchokes | Wilted Spinach | Sauce Soubise

Charcoal Grilled | Tsuyahime Rice | Kombu | Japanese Chives | Pickles

Your Choice of 2 Desserts From the Grande Trolley

$258++ per Pax

21 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088444

Tel 8849 6799

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