Bali Travel Guide 2023 Where to eat in Bali ? Tanamera Coffee Bali

Tanamera Coffee’s journey began with the dream to make Indonesia famous for its specialty coffee. The archipelago has rich, fertile soils, perfect for growing specialty coffee. 

Indonesian coffees are renowned for being; full-bodied, intense, complex, smooth, sweet, syrupy, fruity.


Besides coffee, they serve a wide variety of local Indonesia dishes so it is worth the visit to their flagship store along Sunset Road, Bali


Naturally, we ordered a few rounds of their signature coffee to start the morning. 

As for their food menu, we ordered


Rendang Bakpao

Steam bun with beef rendang



Crispy tapioca dumplings


Nasi Goreng Tanamera

Signature fried rice, Chicken Satay, Sunny side up egg and sambal terasi


Sop Buntut

Braised oxtail soup, carrot, potato, tomato, leek, emping, served with rice


Seafood Woku

Roast fish, squid, prawn, pumpkin, greens, tumeric curry


If you prefer not so spicy you can mention it while you place your order, otherwise, you can enjoy the full spiciness of the dishes in true Indonesian style

We totally enjoyed the authentic dishes with the local spice and cooking style.


Right beside the restaurant and cafe you will see their blending room where the blend master work to blend different coffee, the smell is like heaven.


There is even a small open-air garden at the back, so it is pet friendly if you want to enjoy an early cup of coffee with your pets there.


With a small parking space in front of the shop, many visitors drop by for a quick fix or take away while they are on their way around Bali, its so convenient


JL.Sunset Road No.999,Kuta, Badung, Bali



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