Bali Travel Guide 2023 Where to eat in Bali ? Hotel Komune and Beach Club Bali

Set on the lush and unspoilt East Coast of Bali, Hotel Komune Resort and Beach Club is blessed with a hypnotising view of the world-famous Keramas surf break.

With its pristine volcanic beach, this beachfront Bali resort offers a wonderful experience of spending leisure time in a natural luxury hotel.

Here is a hotel with 5-star beachfront pool accommodations and villas.

The Beach Club was voted in the top 5 in Asia and the executive chef brings his worldwide cuisine experience to the dishes.

One very unique offering here is their health drinks, cold press fruit juice 

For example the 


Cucumber, green apple, mint leaves and lime juice


Pineapple, turmeric, orange, lime juice and cinnamon

These are much better than sweetened package juices and give you the boost you need.

We then ordered a few dishes from the menu. The menu is very extensive with vegetarian and vegan options as well. You can order something light or a full meal from the menu.

Even if you stay here for two weeks, you will not run out of dishes to try.

Spicy Squid Sambal Matah

Marinated tender squid bits warmed and tossed in with Balinese Sambal Matah dressings

Big Barrel Burger

Homemade 180gram juicy beef pattie with bacon roasted beetroot lettuce tomato onion rings and cheese topped with a soft fried egg

Fresh Tuna Ceviche

Chopped fresh Tuna fillet with mango onion capsicum coconut cream and a smidge of fresh chilli

Komune Duck

Executive chef’s creation with signature Komune spices and grilled to perfection. The duck is crispy on the outside and tender on the insider

Chef’s Signature Dessert

After the meal, we stayed for a lazy afternoon by the pool just beside the restaurant and enjoyed the view.

Looking back at the beachfront hotel rooms, we plan to stay a few nights next time we come.



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