Mamak Restaurant Melbourne


Mamak is an award-winning Malaysian restaurant, with branches in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Named after the roadside stalls of Kuala Lumpur that peddle Indian Malay street food, Mamak is renowned for authentic, bold and traditional flavours, with smart and friendly service.

We visited their Melbourne outlet to try their signature dishes and find out how authentic is their dishes.

We ordered the Roti, which is hand-made right in front of the shop so you can see the chef flipping the roti

Murtabak (chicken/lamb)
A local favourite. Filled with spicy meat, cabbage, eggs and onions. It is nicely packed inside the thick Roti.

Chicken/Beef Satay
Flame grilled for that authentic Malaysian flavour. Served with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce.

Kari ikan
A tangy fish curry cooked with fresh tomatoes, okra and eggplant. Two big pieces of fish that is freshly prepared.

Nasi Lemak
Fragrant coconut rice accompanied by an ensemble of sambal, peanuts, crispy anchovies, cucumber and hard-boiled egg. Arguably Malaysia’s national dish. We added fried chicken, and you can choose to add:
+ Add curry chicken/fish/lamb/vegetarian
+ Add sambal prawn/calamari
+ Add fried chicken

For drinks, we have to try their:

Teh tarik
Classic Malaysian sweetened tea, ‘stretched’ for a frothy topping.

Kopi tarik
Malaysian white coffee.

For dessert or something sweet:
Roti bom
A truly indulgent roti served thicker, richer and sweeter with a scoop of ice cream.

They have a wide variety of choices, next time when we visit we will try their Rojak and Mee Goreng which have lots of Wok Hei.

Overall a very satisfactory meal, you will not be disappointed if you come looking for authentic Malaysian/Asian cooking. Especially their sambal chilli, coconut rice and curry, as well as their Roti, Satay, Teh Tarik etc. Brings you back to Malaysia/Asia.

366 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

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