Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake promotion

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Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake promotion

A night when families and loved ones gather together for a reunion dinner to appreciate the moon while savouring mooncakes of various flavours, gather with your loved ones during this traditional festival and celebrate with lanterns of all size and shapes, a symbolic gesture that light people’s path to prosperity and good fortune.

This year mooncakes come packaged in a chic gift box, decorated with floral motifs representing hope and success. Two colours, blue and orange, both in luxurious shades, are essential for premium gifting. Treat your family and friends to an assortment of traditional flavours and exotic new combinations that tantalise taste buds.

To download our Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 brochure, please click here.

CPCA Mid-Autumn 2022 Brochure V5

For more product details and purchase information, please visit:

**Bulk purchases of 30 boxes and above, please contact Call or WhatsApp 9336-3694 or send an Email at

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