Le Saigon Cafe authentic Vietnamese cuisine at Bugis area


Newly opened Le Saigon Cafe offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine at Bugis area
Authentic Vietnamese food is hard to come by. Many are operated by chain store. We found one authentic new Vietnamese cafe operated by a Vietnamese owner.
Le Saigon Cafe is conveniently located along Liang Seah Street, opposite Bugis Junction. It has an extensive menu which includes classic Vietnamese dishes like Pho, Bahn Mi and more.

Pho Premium (S$29.80) comes with a big bowl of broth, four types of beef, including beef slices and beef meatballs, a variety of vegetables and dipping sauces.
The broth tasty and comforting. Paired with the soft rice noodles and tender cuts of beef, it certainly lived up to its premium status.

You could also opt to grab a quick bite with the selection of Viet Bites. Vietnam Mini Pizza $3.80, which came with a thin, crepe-like crust topped generously with sausage slices, chives, meat floss, nacho cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup.

Le Saigon Cafe’s Snack platters (2-3 pax) $18.80, Served in multi-tier baskets, these platters stack like high tea set. The Snack Platter Set comes with an assortment of fried delights including cheese sticks, fries and popcorn chicken.

The Set Bún Đậu (for 2 to 3 pax) $24.80, came with rice noodles, pork belly slices, fried tofu and fried pig organ sausages. Served with fermented shrimp paste, this platter was slightly more pungent, but flavourful and exciting with its variety of ingredients.

Try the Viet Breakfast Hotplate with Sardine $12.80 with Bahn Mi, containing toasted bread, Vietnam eggs, sausage and sardine. I loved the crunchy and chewy texture of the bread

End off your hearty meal with a sweet treat, and select from many Viet Desserts, including their Pandan Sago Ball, Tapioca Banana Bowl and Corn Dessert Bowl which are warm desserts served with hot coconut milk.
The Le Saigon Handmade Yogurt, is another of their signature dishes. We have to try it the next time.

Don’t forget to try their coffee. Vietnam is well known for their coffee
We ordered the Avocado Coffee $8.80 and they are freshly made on the spot. Refreshing and delicious

With an incredibly extensive menu of authentic Vietnamese dishes, we hope to return again to try other authentic and delicious dishes.

8 Liang Seah St, #01-02, Singapore 189029
Tel 9711 8197

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