Itacho Sushi Wild Blue Fin Tuna Cutting


Wild Blue Fin Tuna Cutting

DIRECT FROM HOKKAIDO FUNKAWAN! Itacho Sushi is importing over 50KG of Wild Bluefin Tuna, to arrive in Singapore tomorrow! They are having a Fish Cutting Ceremony at Itacho The Star Vista Outlet tomorrow 17th June at 3pm! Stay Tune!

Itacho Sushi has successfully bid a Wide Blue Fine Tuna which weighs over 50kg from Tokyo Toyosu Market auction-the world’s largest seafood market. The Fish Cutting will be held at Itacho Sushi The Star Vista Outlet. Wild Blue Fin Tuna is rare and precious, which is always their valued customers’ favorites. It is famous for its richness and freshness especially consumed right after we cut on spot. All portion of the tuna will served at all Itacho Sushi outlets in Singapore. Welcome to joint the Fish Cutting at Star Vista on this Friday 17th June 3pm.

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