Toby’s Kopi Toast Bakery offers Singapore Kopi and toast with curry rice and freshly made noodles


Toby’s Kopi Toast Bakery offers traditional Singapore Kopi and toast with curry rice and freshly made noodles. They also offer Western mains.

They have a simple menu and we ordered a few of their signature items to try. Ordering here is a breeze. I suspect many patrons are regulars too, as this place has been open for quite a while now. Must try here is their curry rice, as well as their custom made noodles by a special noodle maker. Then there is the Western mains like the BBQ Ribs. Not forgetting their staple set, the KAYA TOAST and their designer cakes.

Pork Cutlet Curry Rice $6.90
Minced Meat Noodle $5.90
BBQ Pork Ribs with Fries $10.90
Kaya Toast Set A (Two Eggs, One coffee/tea, Kaya Toast)

They also serve very interesting cakes, which we ordered

The prices here are very affordable, and the food is really delicious.
We love the crispy port cutlet and the special curry taste, the Japanese curry style.
The minced meat noodle is also quite special, especially since the noodles are freshly made in the kitchen when you place your order.
As for the BBQ ribs, really chunky meat and the sauce covers it well, is very tender and almost falls off the bones.

Now if you are looking for traditional Kopi and Kaya Toast, they have a variety here as well, and good top standard compare to many places we tried.
Save some space for their cakes which are absolutely delicious.

Toby’s Kopi Toast Bakery
#01-35, Tradehub21, 8 Boon Lay Way, 609964
Tel: 6316 2422

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