The Three Peacocks Singapore’s Largest Outdoor BBQ Restaurant


The Three Peacocks is Singapore’s Largest Outdoor BBQ Restaurant, I think it could be even the largest BBQ restaurant because this place is quite big, located at Labrador Park.

They have been operating for a while now and recently they introduced new items on the menu.

More Meats, More Seafood, and More Sauces! Corporate bookings are available now***20 Pax> 10% off!

Besides the great value pricing, they offer free flow top ingredients like wagyu beef, premium cut, fresh oysters, fresh seafood, half a lobster per pax, and many types of cooked and deep-fried food. Actually come to think of it, it is like a Cooked Food Buffet, Seafood Buffet, BBQ Meat Buffet, Hotpot Buffet, or multiple Buffet at one price. Tried and Tested, the quality is good. They have good prices for ice-cold beer and soju too.


Weekday Adult: $ 50.90++, Senior: $ 47.50++, Kids: $ 33.00++

Weekend Adult: $55.90++, Senior: $ 52.50++, Kids:$ 38.00++

PH Adult: $ 58.90++, Senior: $ 55.50++, Kids: $41.00++

Time limit buffet.

3 Pax < = 1 Hr 45 Mins

4 Pax > = 2 Hr 30 Mins

Booking through the below link

You get to redeem half a lobster of the day too in this buffet. The lobster of the day offered is either rock lobster or Boston lobster.

Available for add on at $15 ++ for an optional Charcoal Stove to make your Charcoal Hotpot Soup. This is great news for those who always wanted to hotpot the wide variety of seafood instead of barbecuing them. You can enjoy the freshness and oceanic flavours of the seafood with this hotpot option.

In a few weeks’ time, their rooftop bar will be ready, we intend to visit again.

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