Brand New Tokyo Kitchen serves Japanese style western cuisine


Brand New Tokyo Kitchen serves Japanese style western cuisine.
From Japanese style Nepolitian, Curry Rice, Baked Cheese Rice and Delicious Desserts
This is a brand by Japan Foods Holding Ltd, a very established company with many successful brands.
What is special here is No Pork No Lard, which appeals to wider customers to enjoy delicious food.

Located at Yishun Northpoint City, this restaurant is spacious and family-friendly.
Launch menu includes their signature dishes, starting from $9.90 opening specials

We order some of their signature dishes including:

1.Teppan Napolitan with combination of prawn and chicken $19.90
2.Teppan Mixed Fried Combo Omurice, with Japanese curry $17.90
3.Half Chicken Rice Set $15.90
4.Giga Chicken Rice Set $17.90
5.Beef Steak rice Set $21.90

The Teppan dishes were served hot and that enhanced the experience.
Fried prawns and chicken are crispy and of good quality.
Omurice here is soft and moist so it goes well with the Japanese curry.
The Half Fried Chicken is so tender and yet juicy on the inside. It is not dry and was surprisingly good.
The GIGA Chicken is quite big in portions so it will satisfy you if you have a big appetite
As for the Steak, again we were pleasantly surprised as the beef is still tender and juicy, not overcooked.

We did not get to order the dessert although we are eyeing on the waffle ice cream, perhaps next visit.

Tokyo Kitchen at Northpoint City, Singapore #02-128/129. Be pleasantly surprised with a wide selection of No Pork No Lard Japanese Western delicacies
Don’t miss Opening Promotion’s huge discount from $9.90

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