Sing Swee Kee coconut chicken soup and new dessert menu

ENJOY 50% OFF on second dessert purchased from 1st-17th April 2022.
Popular local chicken rice Sing Swee Kee is adding more Hainanese specialities and desserts to their menu.
Check out the new Coconut Chicken Soup. It is being simmered for hours, succulent young Thai coconut flesh is added to Sing Swee Kee’s signature chicken collagen broth. The mixture is then gently steamed inside a whole fresh coconut, infusing the already nutritious broth with the natural sweetness and fragrance of coconut. You will enjoy a more robust sweet-savoury flavour profile that also boasts the “cooling properties” of coconut.
By popular demand, Sing Swee Kee will start to offer the traditional, glutinous rice-based Hainanese Kueh, known as “Yibua” (意粑). Based on a family recipe handed down over generations, Sing Swee Kee’s rendition of this hard-to-find, labour intensive Hainanese delicacy cuts down on size but amps up the flavour with bite-sized versions. They will be offering two different flavours for a start, the traditional version: sensuously chewy mochi encasing a moist gula melaka filling of shredded coconut, ground peanuts, white sesame with intense bursts of spice from ginger. There will also be a ginger-free alternative that also boasts a gorgeously purple sweet potato infused mochi-like skin.
For a trendy twist to their dessert menu, the Sing Swee Kee team has concocted a one of a kind Hainan Kueh Ice Cream Sundae featuring creamy coconut ice cream topped with crunchy peanuts and sesame as well as cubes of chewy fried mochi. Finally the Instagram-worthy confection, basically a deconstructed Hainan Kueh is drizzled with gula melaka.

There are also other desserts like coconut mango sago, coconut shake and sago pudding with gula melaka.

Check out these new items at Sing Swee Kee Seah Street outlet (34/35 Seah Street S188391) from 1st April 2022!

Note: Hainan Kueh 意粑 will only be available through pre-order and online via

Sing Swee Kee Main Branch: 34/35 Seah Street S188391


– Toa Payoh HDB Hub Koufu Foodcourt Level 2 Stall 6

– Jurong Point Kopitiam Foodcourt Level 3 Stall 13

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