MONKI 台灣小吃部 MonkiTaiwan


MONKI 台灣小吃部
Monki offers distinctive home-style Taiwanese dishes. They are different from night market themed foods because they bring in other Taiwan gems like Braised Platters Sets (黑白切) and some specific only to Tai Chung, Taiwan. Their Taiwan Braised Pork Rice (滷肉飯) and Mee Sua (麵線) have good following.

Their iconic Taiwan Shaved Ice Dessert (雪花冰) – a shaved iced dessert quite unlike the Korean Bingsu – all made in-house that has no artificial flavourings, colourings or stabilisers. with the technique and technology imported from Taiwan. Their Taiwan Shaved Ice Dessert come in many flavours like watermelon, mango, matcha, all topped with their distinctive fresh fruit or other toppings.

They also offer a variety of favourite Taiwan beverages, like the popular Taiwan Hei Song Sarsaparilla (黑松沙士) – a beloved Taiwan National soft drink. They also offer Taiwan Gold Medal Beer (金牌台灣啤酒) to drown all the good food down.

We tried their signature dishes and recommends them:
Braised Pork Rice $9
Double Mix Mee Sua (Oyster & Big Intestine) $11
Stewed Beef Brisket with Red Carrots & White Radish $14
Taiwan Fried Popcorn Chicken $6
Taiwan Fried Chicken Cutlet $8
Crispy Floss Egg Roll $7
Taiwan lack Sugar Ginger Tea (pot) $7
Monki Milk Tea (Hot $4 Iced $5)
Matcha Azuki Snowflake $8

The taste is very authentic, and the quality is much better than many Taiwanese street foods offered locally.
The price is very reasonable, and offer wide variety of food and drinks.

1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista, #01-41, Singapore 138617

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