Ju Hua Tai 菊花台 Bar Bistro and Restaurant


Traditional meets modern at Ju Hua Tai #菊花台, a place where friends gather and strangers meet.

This CNY they prepare a special Propserous Yu Sheng, with crispy ingredients and fresh salad for the tossing.

It goes very well with the draft beer and cocktail.

There is also a Special CNY Cocktail, yet to be given a name but we have tried it and it was mind blowing. Check out the photo.

Well known for their selection of craft beers selection on tap and they are on promo.

Besides the CNY Cocktail, there are two more cocktailed we tried and we must recommend:

Qin Emperor, 秦王 ($36). Named after the first emperor of unified China. Mixing Maotai, which has an unique flavour from earthy, chocolaty and strong nice aroma of floral undertones alongside fruits and grains, together with glutinous rice tea cordial with black walnut bitters. Experience how to drink like a king. Be served with a Qin Emperor’s cup

Chrysanthemum’s Secret ($22) made chrysanthemum infused with 135 Hyogo Gin, lychee, raspberry, Elderflower liqueur

我干了,你随意 printed on their T Shirt, which is a polite way of saying, I drink up my wine to show my sincerity,you can do it too or not, up to you.

They have some super delicious food to go with their wide selection of drinks.

Signature cold dishes includes Mala mushroom.

Their signature power crispy pork!! Pair this with any of the craft beers and never go wrong!!!

They also offer Bao Platter of 6, and Skewers Platter

Some of baos available includes:

Crispy Chicken Bao

Scallop Bao

Pork Belly Bao

Beef Randang Bao

Sambal Sotong Bao

Soft Shell Crab Bao

CheeseBurger Bao

Grilled Eel Bao

The most popular seats are at the Bar counter, limited bar seats per day! Make your reservations on chope. As the saying goes, #随心所欲 : just follow your heart

9 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089593

Reservation at Chope

Delivery available order at Oddle

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