Aglio Oilo Restaurant delicious Italian food with a Singaporean twist


Looking for a place that serves special pasta, Aglio Oilo Restaurant is the place.

Agilo Olio restaurant serves delicious Italian food with a Singaporean twist.

‘Aglio’, in Italian, means garlic, and ‘olio’ means olive.

Garlic and olive oil have long been known for their health benefits and healing properties.

It is no wonder that the foundations of the restaurant rest on these two health-promoting spices.

In a bit to blend the East and the West with Italian cuisines, they created their pasta giving you a unique blend they also offer pasta delivery using Islandwide food delivery service.

With customizable pasta, you’ll get the chance to savour different sauces, spicy levels, and many more on every order.

Step 1 – Pasta Types Select your favourite one from 3 main pasta:

1.) Spaghetti, 2.) Linguine, 3.) Fusilli

Step 2 – Choice of Sauce There are 10 different sauces for your preference:

1.) Garlic & Olive Oil Base

2.) Cream Base

3.) Tomato Base

4.) Pesto Base

5.) Teriyaki Base

6.) Black Pepper Base

7.) Cream Tomato Base

8.) Squid Ink Base

9.) Vongole Soup Base

10.) Salted Egg Base

Step 3 – Level of Spiciness

Challenge yourself to 4 different levels of spiciness:

Mild, Normal, Spicy, Extra Spicy

We tried 3 of their signatures which include;

Pink Sauce (Cream Tomato Base) Vegetable Pasta ($14.90),

Seafood Olio Pasta (top-seller) ($14.90), and

Bacon Cream base Pasta ($14.90)

Chicken Wings (perfect to go with draft beer) $6.90

Mushroom Nuggets (crispy on the outside, soft and juicy mushroom on the inside) $7.90

Available at the restaurant, Red Dot Monster Green Lager, Czech Pilsner, each only $9.90 (500ml)(happy hour)

A very budget-friendly place with a wide variety of drinks, especially the outlet we visited at Science Park which is 5min from the nearest MRT.


3 Pickering Street, China Square Central,#01-40/41, Singapore 048660


2 Science Park Drive, ASCENT, #01-29 Singapore 118222

CALL 6327 3622 (China Square) 6266 0643 (Ascent)

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