Gully Kitchen & Bar


@gullysingapore Gully Kitchen & Bar prides itself in providing an unforgettable experience that bids a warm welcome to everyone. With a menu that represents the trio’s favourite street-food dishes reinvented with fine ingredients and a modern twist. The cocktail menu promises liquid nirvana as the perfect complement to the dining experience. With a selection of curated cocktails to wind down after a stressful day, choose from a concoction of Spritz offerings such as the refreshing Gin & Cucumber Spritz ($19.80). Signature poisons such as the Spicy Margarita ($21.80) and French Kiss, along with a diverse array of drinking games such as the Shot Roulette and Deal with the Devil makes for the ultimate night out in town. A heady mix of limoncello, frangelico, lemon juice, egg white & simple syrup, the French Kiss ($21.80) is blissful romance in a glass.

As the night progresses so does the beat and genre of the music. The succulent and fork-tender South African BBQ Ribs ($42.80/550g or $56.80/750g) is a natural highlight. Baked to the perfect crisp with a side of fries, coleslaw & topped with homemade BBQ sauce, it is assiduous labour of love. Other noteworthy items in the menu include the Greek Gyro ($25.80) – pita wrap filled with grilled spiced chicken, fresh tomatoes, onion, homemade tzatziki, pink mayo, and paprika. For a revisit of Asian elements, the Taiwanese Chicken Buns ($16.80) is inspired by Taipei’s street market. Spiced fried chicken is served in mantou buns, topped with arugula, pickled shallots and homemade lime alio olio sauce

Labneh Balls: Homemade labneh balls with roasted tomato, basil pesto & crispy pita

Taiwanese Chicken Buns

Mythos Beer

Brie Puff: Brie stuffed with caramelised onions & mushrooms baked in a pastry puff

Greek Gyro

Spicy Margarita

Galouti Kabab: Traditional Indian street food made of mashed mixed vegetables, sweet chutney & mint sauce

French Kiss Cocktail

Pisang Goreng: Fried turmeric batter banana with scoop if vanilla ice cream

Crazy Churros: Oven-baked churros dusted in cinnamon & sugar

Shot Roulette/ Absinthe Roulette
Very enjoyable dining experience, with delicious food and drinks.

31 Hong Kong St #sg #sgig

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