OKRA BY SWG (Muslim-Owned) Asian Fusion Restaurant


OKRA BY SWG (Muslim-Owned) Asian Fusion Restaurant

Here you can Experience an Aurora of flavours!!

New !!

Hop on the Hogwarts Express with some rich and sweet Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer

Non-Alcoholic , 100% Natural.

It has the perfect combination of spells and quality natural ingredients. It continues to be prized for its creamy vanilla and butterscotch flavors.

Some wizards claim that this brew places a ward of protection on those who drink it and that consuming this product has been known to accelerate wizarding abilities.

Crazy over Squid Game? How about some Squid Ink Pasta

Introducing Okra’s NEW Squid Ink Aglio Olio with Grilled Prawns and a generous Seafood Medley, topped off with a dash of grated parmesan cheese

Imagine having some Freshly made buttermilk waffles with Golden brown Cornflakes battered chicken, doused in our house special Honey Butter syrup , topped off with Okra’s Triple Cheese sauce

We can really taste the Honey Butter Syrup on the Crispy Chicken, it is really out of this world and not an easy dish to make

The Waffles is freshly made and crispy too.

Have some milkshake to go with the dishes. A shake with TWO customisable mix-ins of course.

They also serve a variety of cakes, which is perfect for that aftermeal dessert.

Book a table at +65 83225712 | 69805802

10 Jalan Pisang S199077

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