Dong Fang Mei Shi 东方美食饭店 Oriental Chinese Restaurant


东方美食饭店Oriental Chinese Restaurant:

@dongfangmeishisg Fan Dian (东方美食饭店)
Oriental Chinese Restaurant: Delicious Mala Chicken Cubes & Sichuan Dishes In Chinatown

Oriental Chinese Restaurant serves the perfect blend of authentic North-East Chinese cuisines for over 15 years.

Their Pan-Fried Meat 锅包肉 comes highly recommended.
With a crispy crust and chewy center, the texture reminded me of fried Prok Chop.

The most beautiful dish is the Crispy Boneless Fish With Sweet & Sour Sauce (松鼠鱼).
A glorious fried fish doused in tomato sauce, the flamboyant plating raised my expectations.
The fish was firm, and the fried crust was crispy with soft meat inside. I really like this a lot. However, its is not an easy dish to execute

Must have is the Sautee Dried Chicken With Chilli & Pepper Chongqing Style 辣子鸡
Chicken cubes were deep-fried to perfection and covered with mouth-watering mala spices.
Frying at high temperatures to remove the water content from the chicken cubes.
Every bite released an explosion of mala flavors in my mouth.

Their dishes won me over with their fragrance and crispiness.
Most customers will pair with some beer for the perfect snack-and-drinks combination.

You will be enticed by the aroma of the skewers on a grill. These are a must-have when you dine here.

The Lamb Kebab was a crowd favorite, and I enjoyed the firmness and texture of the lamb.
Though the meat was slightly gamey as expected, the cumin powder cut through the gaminess with its nutty and spicy flavor.
They also serve grilled scallop as well as other meat on skewers.

Don’t forget to try their dumplings, Xiao Long Bao etc as there are signature Northern China dishes

For their prices, the dish portions were really generous and great for sharing.

195 New Bridge Rd, S(059425) Tel 88112000 Delivery Order @foodpandasg or #mala #bbq #skewers #grilledmeat #xiaolongbao

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