Kinou Restaurant and Gastro Bar, Basque Cuisine at its best in Singapore


Kinou brings authentic Basque cuisine to Singapore. Come experience Basque Country hospitality, consisting of exquisite Basque Country wines, cocktails, spirits.

So where is Basque Country? Perched north of Spain and in the South west of France, the Basque country, also known as Euskadi, is an autonomous community made up of seven provinces overlooking the Northern Atlantic coast. This destination has achieved worldwide fame because it is home to several cordon bleu chefs who have earned many Michelin stars. In Euskadi, there are currently 88 restaurants in the Michelin guide, mostly serving Basque cuisine—a unique blend of French, Spanish, and other Western European cuisines. Chef Kinou, Benjamin pride himself on his rich heritage and treat his guests with the finest Basque cuisine and hospitality.

The concept here is simple, a place to come and enjoy, share a platter or two, enjoy some tapas and drinks. No need to dress up, no need to feel pressured.

Recommended dishes are:

Baby Squid / Secret Oil / Black Garlic Aioli $21

Deep Fried Marinated Chicken / Bayonne Ham / Black Aoili $18

Traditional Basque Veal Shoulder Stew 22
(Chef’s family recipe, probably the only one available in Singapore)

Kinou Signature OP Rib Confit in Duck Fat / Homemade Fries and Sauces $13 per 100g

The Traditional Basque Cake $16

They have been in Singapore for more than 3 & half years, formerly located at Tras Street, they have moved to 2 Teck Lim Road (next to Keong Siak Street) just a few weeks ago.

Kinou provides first-rate Basque cuisine, they serve their guests more than exceptional food, they provide a memorable dining experience from start to finish.

There is a private room available for special booking, do call for inquiries.

2 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088380, +65 8453 4519,

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