The Corner Grill – The hidden gem at 1 Ann Siang Hill



The Corner Grill – The hidden gem at 1 Ann Siang Hill is grill-house specializing in artisanal burgers, grilled seafood and meat.

Known for his signature burgers, steaks and seafoods. Chef Colin West created The Corner Grill to share his expertly executed dishes in a cosy setting. With years of experience under his belt, he transforms humble ingredients through pickling, seasoning, and grilling with great precision and panache. Chef Colin is unwavering in his standards and approach to food, so diners can expect a satisfying meal.

To starter off we recommend their signature Crispy Pig Ears $16 With vinaigrette dip

Each signature chargrilled burger is created from Chef Colin West’s original recipe. Every element is specifically selected to present the burger’s full character in every mouthful — from artisan cheeses that add complexity, and complimentary buns that hold all the goodness together. The patties are made of high quality beef or pork —ground fresh right in the kitchen — and hand-formed by Chef Colin himself.

We tasted the Bleu Burger which has a strong cheese taste and I am sure burger lovers will like this strong taste.
Bleu Burger $25 Gorgonzola dolce cheese, beef patty, onion marmalade, bacon, herbed mayo, walnut dried fruit bun

Next, go for their signature and perfectly grilled steak in a charcoal oven. Tasty homemade sauces complement the steak’s amazing flavour.
We tasted and recommends the AUS Hanging Tender 200g $39 Especially tender cut prized for its flavour
Choice of Sauce: Gorgonzola Hollandaise • Chimichurri • Green Peppercorn
Choice of Potatoes: Lemon Capers • Raclette Cheese Gratin • Mash

If you prefer something soupy with seafood and noodle, Claypot Seafood Bisque Sheng Mian $30, Specialty noodles in rich housemade bisque with mussels, clams (lala), poached egg, seasonal seafood

They are gaining popularity in another signature item here.
Lobster Roll $32, Herbed pommery mayo, grilled brioche roll

Dessert of the Day $15, Date Pudding which is a delightful dessert Reservation is recommended: 8756 1388 or 6223 3188 1 Ann Siang Hill, S069784
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