Where to buy New Year Goodies | Takashimaya CNY Promotion


Takashimaya CNY Promotion

Have An Ox-picious Lunar New Year With Takashimaya Department Store

The department store offers a one-stop-shop both online and offline for goodies from more than 20 brands from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Taiwanese brand Yi Lai Shuen (一来顺). Made from wholesome wheat flour, the noodles are air and sun dried to seal in their goodness and freshness.

Rasa Sayang from which comes Kueh Bangkit Gula Melaka and Garlic Sweet Emping. The former promises to melt in the mouth, while the flavours of caramelised coconut sugar and fragrant coconut milk reign.

Mdm Ling Bakery, run by a trio of millennials who self-bake their products just for Takashimaya Department Store’s customers.

Two types of cookies are available for sale: The Molten Chocolate has a liquid centre that will hopefully mirror the good fortune that flows into your life, and the buttery Kopi Siew Dai is evocative of golden coins.

Bake Inc are a must-have. This year, they have put an innovative twist on theirs by pairing a version of their pineapple tarts with parmesan cheese. Another offering is the Peanut Butter Egg Roll, an all-time favourite filled with the food spread for that perfect combination of savoury and sweet.

Kee Wah Bakery, proudly made in Hong Kong and with a heritage that dates back to 1938. Choose from five types of nian gao, including ones with red dates, apricot juice and ginger juice.

Kele is offering pineapple balls in a tangerine flavour, where the citrusy infusion will cut through the sweetness of the paste.

From @peonyjadesg Peony Jade comes the limited edition Reaping Dynamic Fortune Steamed Egg Custard Glutinous Rice Nian Gao With Boba Pearl Gift Set. A 1kg nian gao forms the centrepiece, surrounded by eight flowers crafted from raw cane sugar.

My Mum’s Cookies. The Vegetarian option consists of 10 types of eggless cookie flavours, including mixed nuts, cornflakes and seaweed crackers.

With such a wide selection of goodies available, Takashimaya Department Store is definitely the place to visit to stock up before the Lunar New Year.
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