Onkei Tonkatsu Japanese Cuisine


Onkei Tonkatsu Japanese Cuisine

The origin of Onkei came from the idea of giving blessing and sharing the passion for authentic #Japanesecuisine to everyone.

Onkei serves authentic tonkatsu primarily and they have 5 in-house policies that illustrate our restaurant’s food standard.

All #tonkatsu comes in a set which includes rice, Tonjiru soup(Pork and Vegetable #Miso Soup) #豚汁, Japanese pickles and shredded cabbages.


1. Fresh meat has to go through a long ageing process to increase meat tenderness

2. Meat fried with fresh light crispy breadcrumbs

3. Meat is seasoned with natural ingredients to retain the authentic natural taste

4. Fried with light and clean vegetable oil

5. Choice between authentic Japanese rice or Japanese Hokkaido Multi-Grain rice at no extra cost

We tried their popular Cheese Rosu-Katsu set and #Mentaiko Rosu-Katsu set. We also ordered an additional side of Pork Loin katsu.

True to the 5 policies, the meat is tender and delicious. The breadcrumbs are light and fresh. Good seasoning of the meat as it tastes very natural and authentic Japanese taste.

We also select #Hokkaido multi-grain rice with no extra charge. Another special here is the #Tonjiru soup which is thicker and more flavourful than usual miso soup.

Located at Paya Lebar Square #01-85, come early as it could fill up fast during mealtime.


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