Domino’s Pizza | New Cheese Xplosion Pizza


Domino’s Pizza just launch the Cheese Xplosion Pizza, its cheesiest pizza yet! The new flavour is set to surprise you with mind-blowing cheesy goodness as it features a generous amount of mozzarella cheese that oozes from inside and atop the pizza. We tried 1 Large Cheese Xplosion Pizza served with 1 Salsa Sauce + 1 Regular Hawaiian Paradise +1 Awesome Foursome + 1.5L Coke. And these are enough for 5 people and more. True to its name, the Cheese Xplosion Pizza does has a generous amount of mozzarella cheese.

Available from 1st Dec, and for a limited period only, so hurry, try it now. Order from #pizzalover #cheesepizza #cheesexplosion #morecheese #dominos #dominospizza #dominospizzasg thank you @dominossg for sending us the delicious new flavour

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