Fresh fruits are made into jam with no artificial flavourings or concentrated juice added, preserving their natural taste without any additives. For that added touch of sweetness, golden crystals of natural cane sugar are infused into the mix for a pleasant aftertaste that is not cloying like sucrose and fructose.

The Yifang Fruit Tea is a cup of premium mountain tea mixed with delicious pineapple jam, tangy passionfruit, and zesty lemon, apple and orange slices. For time-strapped office workers hungry for a filling guzzle instead of a post-lunch quencher, the lavender-huedTaro Latte with its freshly-mashed taro paired with fresh milk is a satisfying beverage.

Two new drink series will be available at Change Alley Mall – Cheese Milk Foam Fruit Tea Series and Sweet Red Bean Series, with the addition of new hot drinks to the Traditional Taste Series. Drinks such as Ginger Lemon Tea, Longan & Jujube Tea and Pearl Ginger Black Tea Latte are served warm and are certainly Ah Ma-approved! Out of the new creamy Cheese Milk Foam Fruit Tea Series, Cheese Milk Foam Yifang Fruit Tea is available hot and cold for customers to savour the drink two ways. With the luxury to choose between hot and cold versions for plenty of drinks on the menu, there is something to sip and savour on any occasion.

To celebrate its store opening, Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea will be launching a 1-for-1 promotion on any purchase of a large cup of the signature Yifang Fruit Tea. This offer is valid from 1 October to 3 October 2020 and is available at both Change Alley Mall and Orchard Gateway outlets.

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea is venturing out of the town area to provide grab-and-go options at Shell petrol stations. The outlet at Shell @ Sengkangopens in mid-October and another at Shell @ Bukit Batok is slated to open in end October. There are plans for every Shell station island-wide to have an Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea outlet to make healthy and quality drinks easily accessible.

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