Gaston Luga Swedish backpack #PromoCode 15% off coupon code  PROMO15OFF 

@gastonluga Gaston Luga is a Swedish backpack retailer located in the heart of Stockholm.

I have recently gotten a BITEN 15″ – BLACK backpack and using it for a week, I just love it for its functionality and style. This model has a slip-over strap provides quick attachment to your luggage. There are Two open side pockets, perfect for water bottles. The Internal padded sleeve fits most 13″-15″ laptops. The adjustable padded straps allow for a comfortable fit, Biten combines form and function. The inner volume is 17.5 L for this model so you can put lots of items inside.

Gaston Luga produces stylish alternative to a typical backpack and these bags are aesthetically pleasing, yet very functional and durable. They have various collections designed to fit any setting and occasion, no matter where you would go. On top of the minimalist and elegant exterior, functional features such as a pocket specially designed for things needed to be easily accessible yet kept safe (i.e. passport, cash). These are details that make the backpacks extremely practical for work and travel.

Great News: There is a #PromoCode 15% off coupon code  PROMO15OFF 

Coupon code applies on all items storewide (15% Off).

Current active campaign: Complimentary wallet Börs.

50% off any accessory with every backpack purchase.

Read more and order online:


#anywherewithGL #GastonLuga #walkswithGL

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