Grill Ninety Nine Halal Certified Quality Cuisine

Grill Ninety Nine Halal Certified Quality Cuisine

GRILL NINETY NINE is located conveniently near Bugis MRT at Arab Street, Grill Ninety Nine serves fine #western #cuisine that are mostly #homemade and prepared with passion from top-notch chef using halal certified ingredients. #Halal #Certified Quality #Dining. During this period you could also enjoy their fine cuisine at the comfort of your home. Just order for #takeaway or #delivery.

We have recently tasted the following #signature dishes and highly recommend them. These are halal certified top quality food.

Oven Roasted #Angus Beef Ribs : Angus beef develops with better marbling (the amount of intramuscular fat) than most cattle. Most people agree that marbling improves flavor, tenderness, and keeps meat moist while cooking, especially at high temperatures. This dish had a beautifully baked coat of my favorite #BBQ sauce on it and was exactly what I had been craving
#Sambal #Snapper : The Sambal, a traditional #Malay hot sauce, gives the delicious fresh snapper a great flavour boost. Simple and delicious. Somewhat spicy, but not overpoweringly so.
Braised #Lamb Shank : Lamb naturally has a kind of gamey flavor, but chef has braised the lamb shank for a few hours and the meat is soft and tender, falling off the bone. There is no strong gamey smell.
Raclette Cheese : #Raclette is a semi-hard #cheese that is usually fashioned into a wheel of about 6 kg . The Alpine cow milk based dairy product is most commonly used for melting, but is also consumed as a slice. The taste is strong and perfect to pair it with some beef or lamb. Here at Grill Ninety Nine, you could add on order of Raclette Cheese when you order the Angus Beef Ribs, Sambal Snapper and Braised Lamb Shank.
#Nutella #Brownie #Milkshake : Make a great start to your day with this deliciously creamy Nutella brownie milkshake. Those who are fond of nutella, this refreshing recipe is apt for them. We simply love this.
You can order from the common delivery platform or on their website

Phone: 6292 7363 / 9731 2902 Address: 142 Arab Street Singapore 199828



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