Don Dae Bak premium Korean BBQ


Don Dae Bak premium Korean BBQ

@dondaebak_sg team are passionate about serving high-quality, flavoursome and premium Korean BBQ .

Their meats are prepared over the charcoal fire which infuses them with delicious smoky flavours, while the extraction system ensures that only the food gets infused with these delicious aromas, and not your clothes.

Located on 35 Kreta Ayer Road in Chinatown. Be sure to book in advance because this place is very popular both day and night.

What makes this place unique is they serve the best ginseng chicken soup I tasted so far in Singapore with strong ginseng taste. Not diluted.

Their meat is premium so it’s worth the money you pay, they are juicy and cook well over the special charcoal fire. The Korean dumpling is also a must try , the cold noodle is so delicious that I doubt any other place serve them so well.

Very authentic Korean restaurant with Korean staff.

Tel 62261727







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