Torii Izakaya at 32 Duxton Road



Torii Izakaya at 32 Duxton Road

Incorporating traditional elements in today’s world – Torii aims to create a one of a kind modern izakaya experience. Well known for its burst of flavours, Torii is set to excite taste buds for Japanese food lovers, with a twist! We have tried the following signature dishes and they are worth recommending.
1. Broiled crab chowder
2. Japanese scallop consomme
3. Sizzling beef
4. Bonded Unagi & Foie Gras
5.Grilled Bone Marrow
6. Wagyu sliders
7. Torii cocktail
8. Torii sashimi
9. Japanese Oysters
10. Yakitori platter (wings, wagyu 7, salmon cube, lamb rack, sweet potato)
11. Kagoshima A5
12. Signature beef donburi
13. Stone Bowl Rice
14. Pan seared tuna & foie gras , you can see these dishes in the video.

They are also partnering with @eatigo_sg for some promotion. @toriisg 32 Duxton Road




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