Kinya Izakaya & Ramen (Sapporo Ramen Miharu)



Previously located at Gallery Hotel, Sapporo Ramen Miharu was one of the first Japanese restaurants in Singapore to serve authentic ramen in a rather rustic setting, Then it moved to Millenia Walk, after Gallery Hotel was acquired. Now it is rebranded as Kinya Izakaya & Ramen at @southbeachavenuesg

We have tried their
Tonkusen Sapporo Miso $18.00
Kuromaayu Tonshio $18.00
Dashi Shio Lemon $18.00
Noukou Gyokai Tsukemen $18.00
Ebi Tonkotsu $18.00
Kaisen Bara Chirashi $28.00
Tempura Moriawase $18.00
Tokusei Yaki Gyoza $8.00 .


We recommend this place for authentic ramen as well as the chirashi and tempura.
Kinya Izakaya & Ramen located in South Beach , B1-22 , 26 Beach Road. Tel 67338464




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