Premium Sushi and Classic Japanese cuisine at BOTAN Japanese Restaurant



BOTAN Japanese Restaurant, located at Pekin Street at Far East Square is a traditional Japanese restaurant that prides itself on using premium ingredients air flown from Japan.

Executive Chef, Thomas Kok, a pioneer of the Japanese culinary scene in Singapore with over four decades of experience has taken over the helm of the restaurant. With an avid passion in Japanese cooking, every dish by Chef Thomas is executed with creativity and passion. He believes in using only the finest ingredients, a testament to his dedication, professionalism and love for his craft.
Chef Thomas says, “In the past, Singaporeans were sceptical about Japanese cuisine such as sushi and sashimi as they were used to eating only hot food. The dining scene in Singapore has changed tremendously over the past two decades and nowadays, Singaporeans are more receptive to diverse flavours due to constant travels. However, they have also become more discerning in their selection of food and will only be attracted to premium Japanese food. At BOTAN Japanese Restaurant, one can be assured of quality as we use fine ingredients such as fresh Otoro, Kuruma Ebi, A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef, Hokkaido Snow Beef and Hokkaido Pork.

For a start, tantalise your palate with Pitan Tofu, Puffer Fish and Assorted Premium Sashimi (Otoro, Kanpachi, Hamachi, Nama Hotate, Tai and Salmon Belly).

For the main course, go for A4 Miyakazi Wagyu Beef, King Prawn Tempura or Premium Sushi (5 pieces). To comfort your senses, savour the savoury, briny flavours of the Asari Clam Soup.

If you enjoy ramen and udon, you must not miss the signature Nagasaki Chanpon, light and tasty noodles with seafood and pork meat cooked with vegetables in soup. If you desire heavier flavours, go for the Nagasaki Sara Udon comprising deep-fried thin noodles topped with mixed vegetables, pork meat, seafood and gravy.

For a sweet conclusion, treat your taste buds refreshing White or Black Sesame Ice Cream.
BOTAN Japanese Restaurant also specialises in exquisite Omakase curated by Chef Thomas using seasonal ingredients.



BOTAN Japanese Restaurant Tasting Menu:
Pitan Tofu – S$6++
Monkfish Liver -$18++ 
Ikura Onsen – S$15++
Fugu Mirin (Grilled Marinated Dried Puffer Fish) – S$15++
Assorted Sashimi 3 kinds $48++. 
Otoro (Tuna Belly)
Nama Hotate (Scallop)
Salmon Belly
Ebi Mentaiyaki (Grilled Fresh King Prawn with Mentaiko Sauce)
Prawn used is Kuruma Ebi
A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef
$80++ for 100g
Hokkaido Pork Honey Black Pepper Yaki $18++
Premium Sushi -Botan Ebi, Hirame (flounder)and Kanpachi (amberjack)$24++
Nagasaki Sara Udon (Deep-fried Thin Noodles topped with seafood, pork, mixed vegetables and gravy) $16++

Yuzu Sorbet – S$7++






Prices start from S$10++ for starter, S$35++ for main course and S$7++for dessert. Omakase starts from S$68++ per person.

BOTAN Japanese Restaurant is located at 36-37 Pekin Street, #01-01, Far East Square, Singapore 048766.

Operation Hours: Monday to Saturdays Lunch: 11.30am to 2.15pm Dinner: 5.45pm to 10pm

Closed on Sundays

For reservations please call 6536 4404 or 9271 5004.

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