Japanese Dessert Brand Mel Pot has opened their first outlet in Singapore offering a variety of sweet treats that is poised to bring out the dessert lover in you. Located in Hokkaido Marche at Orchard Central, they have recently launched the limited edition Matcha Lovers to add on to their regular menu items such as Mel Pudding and Softserve Ice Cream.




Matcha Lovers ($7.80)

Only available for a limited period, Mel Pot has introduced the Matcha Lovers which is an assortment of Matcha Warabimochi, Matcha Kit Kat, Whipped Cream, Matcha Milk and Matcha Pudding.




Mel Pudding

Mel Pot will be bringing in Mel Pudding from Osaka which uses Japanese natural honey to make its products. There will be 4 flavours being featured Plain, Kyoto Matcha, Kyoto Hojicha and Kyoto Black Bean Tea.

Plain ($5.80) The plain flavour of Mel Pudding has a mild sweetness that comes from Wasanmitsu honey and does not contain any additives or sugar.

Kyoto Matcha ($6.80) One of the more popular flavours, there is a bittersweet taste that is really addictive. It is made using highest grade green tea from Minamiyamashiro Village in Kyoto Prefecture.

Kyoto Hojicha ($6.50) A favourite among adults in Japan, this roasted green tea pudding is moderately sweet and exudes a subtle toasted flavour.

Kyoto Black Bean Tea ($6.50) Black bean is well received among women as it is packed with polyphenols that has anti-aging and skin whitening effect.



Softserve Ice Cream



Candy Unicorn ($6.00)

Start with a base of Vanilla Ice Cream and customise your own softserve with your choice of toppings such as Rainbow Sprinkle, Choco Chip Cookie, White Choco Chip, Milo, Japanese Candy and Heart Marshmallows.



181 Orchard Road, #B2-11 to 29, 44 to 28 Orchard Central Singapore 238896

Opening Hours:

Daily: 11.00am to 10.00pm

Facebook Page:

Instagram Handle: @melpot_sg




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