Soup Restaurant House of Chinatown Heritage Cuisine

Soup Restaurant
House of Chinatown Heritage Cuisine

Do you miss the ambience of eating at the roadside stalls of the old Chinatown? Do you remember all the steamy aromatic delicacies served in the Chinatown night bazaar? At Soup Restaurant, the unique Chinatown Heritage Cuisine has been preserved for your palate. Special dishes like Samsui Ginger Chicken, other steamed dishes and herbal soups are prepared in the traditional way.
Are you aware of the history of the samsui women in Chinatown who lived on a subsistence level and only get to eat their Samsui Ginger Chicken during the Chinese New Year? Soup Restaurant “Samsui Ginger Chicken” is prepared in the same traditional way. The whole chicken is steamed-cooked for a pre-determined duration and temperature, thus, maintaining its rich chicken aroma and taste. The art of consuming “Samsui Ginger Chicken” is by dipping the chicken into ginger sauce and wrapping them with fresh lettuce.

The Samsui women of Chinatown may have faded away, the legend of our Chinese Heritage Cuisine is here to stay and it will remain forever.

Under the name and style of “Soup Restaurant”, the outlets serve traditional “Chinatown Heritage Cuisine” originating from Managing Director, Mok Yip Peng’s family recipes. The signature dishes includes “Samsui Ginger Chicken”, “Ah Por Fan Shu Leaves”, “Ah Kon Fan Shu Leaves”, “Beggar Bowl Tofu” and various Herbal Soups such as “Double Boiled Dried Scallop with Black Chicken Soup”, “Double Boiled Waisan & Ginseng Root Chicken Soup” and others. Focusing on simple yet delicious recipes and maintaining a unique ambience at each outlet that evokes nostalgic memories.

Click here to view CNY MENU 2020

Click here to view CNY Yu Sheng Menu 2020

Shareholders enjoy 15% discount * and Citibank card members enjoy SPECIAL PRICE! **

Reservations are only valid via walk-ins at respective outlets. For full outlet listing, please visit  website at

Pre-sale Of CNY Reunion Takeaway Set

Get a headstart on Chinese New Year festive preparations with our Reunion Takeaway Set, now available for pre-ordering at $288 (U.P $308) for Citicard members. SAFRA & UOB Card Holders enjoy $10 off from usual price.

Place your order now through or call hotline at 6645 9330 (Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm)

Reunion Takeaway Set for 5 pax:

  • Baby Abalone Yu Sheng (For orders before 10/01, Treasure Platter will be served instead of Yu Sheng)
  • Samsui Ginger Chicken
  • Wellness Abalone Treasure Pot
  • Traditional Steamed Rice with Mushroom and Chinese Sausage

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