ONE MEAL AROUND THAILAND Embark on a tantalising journey of Thailand at Baan Ying, Singapore!

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A proud recipient of the Royal Thai Government’s ‘Thai SELECT Premium’ award granted to restaurants that boast quality Thai cuisine, beautiful interior and outstanding service, Baan Ying has been serving authentic Thai cuisine in Singapore since 2018. This July, it is pleased to announce the launch of ‘One Meal Around Thailand’, with the support of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Available for a limited period from 9 July 2019 to 30 September 2019 for lunch and dinner, ‘One Meal Around Thailand’ offers an unprecedented Thai feast featuring authentic flavours of North, South, North-East and Central Thailand, promising a memorable experience of unique dishes and flavours.

Three set menus for two, four and eight persons are available, priced at $58.80++, $128.80++ and $298.80++ respectively. Diners enjoy a generous spread of a welcome drink, amuse bouche, four types of Nam Prik (Thai Chilli Dip) served with seasonal vegetables, Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad) with assorted toppings, frozen Butterfly Pea and Coconut palate cleanser shots, delectable Kub Kao (main dishes) as well as Crème Brûlée Cha Thai (Thai Milk Tea Crème Brûlée) and herbal tea to end the meal. More information can be found at

‘John’ Songsorn Junsunjai, co-founder of Baan Ying, says “Thai cuisine is multi-faceted and fascinating. By combining the specialties from four regions in ‘One Meal Around Thailand’, we hope to provide an opportunity for foodies to gain valuable insight into the intricacies of our culinary culture.”

Founded by John and his mother, affectionately called ‘Aunty Ying’, Baan Ying – which means ‘House of Ying’ – began as a humble restaurant of just eight tables at Bangkok’s Siam Square in 1999, and now boasts ten outlets across prime locations in Bangkok.

FLAVOURS OF THE REGIONS, ALL IN ONE MEAL North Thailand Dishes from North Thailand – colloquially called the ‘Lanna’ region – are typically milder in taste. Lanna dishes included in the set are the savoury Nam Prik Tah Daeng (Red Chilli Dip), the aromatic Gaeng Hang Leh (Pork Belly Curry) and the Khai Pam (Grilled Omelette).


In particular, the grilled omelette Khai Pam (in Northern Thailand, ‘Pam’ refers to ‘grilled’) is a unique spin on a Thai staple. This mixture of egg, spring onion and carrot in a “bowl” fashioned out of a banana leaf is grilled over charcoal resulting in a ‘custard’ infused with the distinct fragrance of banana leaf. It is also sometimes referred to as Khai Ting Tod (Fried Egg on Banana Leaf).

North-Eastern Thailand

Also known as ‘Isan’, North-East Thailand is known for cuisine that boasts assertive flavours. Local ingredients are often fermented and preserved in salt during the summer, and dishes are commonly paired with glutinous rice as it keeps appetites satiated for longer. Signature Isan dishes on the menu are Soup Makuer (Spicy Thai Eggplant Dip) and Som Tum Tad (Green Papaya Salad Platter with Side Dishes).

Unlike our understanding of ‘soup’ in the English language, this word actually refers to ‘mixed’ in North-East Thailand. The Soup Makuer (Spicy Thai Eggplant Dip) is one of four Nam Prik on the menu. This tasty concoction is prepared by boiling eggplant until tender, before blending with Thai anchovy paste and chilli powder. This yields a savoury dip that is mildly spicy, a great accompaniment to fresh seasonal vegetables.

South Thailand

Proudly embracing Thai, Indian, Malay and Javanese cultures due largely to its location, South Thailand is characterised by dishes that are boldly-flavoured and full of spice. Due to its proximity to the water, seafood also features prominently in its cuisine. Featured in the set are Southern Thai dishes such as Nam Prik Goong Seab (Dried Shrimp Chilli Dip), Gai Tom Kamin (Chicken in Turmeric Broth) and Sator Pad Goong (Stir-fried Bitter Bean with Shrimp).

Sator, commonly known as petai or ‘smelly bean’ in Singapore, is popular with the Southern Thais who enjoy it raw or stir-fried. In Sator Pad Goong, the beans are stir-fried with aromatic shrimp paste, fresh shrimp and chillies. The result is an addictively spicy dish that is perfect with steamed rice.

Central Thailand

Central Thailand is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, mainly from surrounding rivers and fertile soil. The four contrasting flavours of sweet, spicy, sour and salty, along with coconut milk, feature prominently in dishes from this region. Classic Central Thai dishes included in the set menu are Lhon Pla Kem (Salted Fish Dip), Gaeng Som Pae Sah (Fried Sea Bass in Tamarind Soup), Geang Tae Po Pla Kem (Salted Fish and Morning Glory in Coconut Milk Soup).

The Gaeng Som Pae Sah (Fried Sea Bass in Tamarind Soup) is a definite highlight that features a filleted whole fish and mixed vegetables basking in a tangy curry accentuated by tamarind and fragrant herbs commonly used in Thai cuisine.

WIN A TRIP TO THAILAND! All diners who order ‘One Meal Around Thailand’ will stand a chance to win a three-day, twonight trip to Bangkok that includes flight, accommodation, a meal in Baan Ying, Bangkok, and a pair of tickets to a Thai boxing show! More details can be found at
One Meal Around Thailand

Availability Daily from 9 July to 30 September 2019, for lunch and dinner

Minimum 1 day advance reservation is required

Prices Superior Set: $58.80++ for 2 persons Deluxe Set: $128.80++ for 4 persons

Grand Tour Set: $298.80++ for 8 persons

Promotion details

Address 103 Irrawaddy Road, Royal Square @ Novena, #02-07, (S) 329566

Reservations Phone: +65 9111 7852; Email:


Opening hours Mon – Fri 11am to 3pm (Last order at 2:15pm) 5:30pm to 10pm (Last order at 9:15pm) Sat – Sun 11am to 10pm (Last order at 9:15pm)

Payment modes Cash, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, UnionPay Seating capacity





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