REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts Launches Personalised Retreat with DNA Testing

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REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort’s newest programme, NutriFit – a personalised nutritional retreat which includes a preventative genetic DNA testing service conducted in partnership with GenePlanet.


As part of the exclusive, world-first program, each guest will receive a DNA testing kit before they visit the resort and with the guidance of the REVIVO Wellness Coach. The test samples will then be sent to the laboratory for a full analysis report which is then shared with REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort ahead of the retreat. This allows the team to develop an individually tailored plan (meals, spa treatments and physical exercises) to optimise the guest’s experience and achieve target results based on their metabolism and genetic predisposition.

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REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort offers three NutriFit packages for guests looking to optimise their lifestyle and wellbeing.

NutriFit – USD 250

Individually tailored nutritional advice and lifestyle plan according to a guest’s DNA results
A personalised guidebook report with 29 different DNA tests including nutrition, metabolic properties, sport and health. If guest would like to have a 28-day diet with recipes, they can add the NutriPlan at USD 70

NutriFit Premium – USD 400

A personalised guidebook for nutrition including sport, health, rejuvenation and beauty
58 different DNA tests included to facilitate a guest’s nutritional and sports goals.
Improve health and prolong a youthful appearance
Analysis and advice on a person’s diet based on the guest’s DNA results and the vast array of other analysis including nutrition, metabolic properties, eating habits, sport, lifestyle and detoxification analysis. If guest would like to have a 28-day diet with recipes, they can add the NutriPlan at USD 70
NutriSkin – USD 250

A personal journey to skin health, vitality and rejuvenation
Advice on building optimal skincare rituals to maximise guest’s natural beauty through knowledge of genes for cellulite, stretch marks and more
Helps guests choose the ideal cosmetics based on their DNA, covering an in-depth anti-ageing aspect of life and specific nutrition blueprint showing your daily requirements for vitamins and minerals
Advice on what to eat to nourish your skin and keep it healthy.
Sound and specific diet approach according to your skin’s needs.


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