Sum Dim Sum Restaurant at Bedok

If you are looking for a place to enjoy authentic and delicious dim sum in the East, you might want to check out Sum Dim Sum Bedok. This newly opened outlet is located in HometeamNS Bedok, a 10-minute walk from Bedok North MRT Station. It is the third branch of Sum Dim Sum, a popular dim sum chain that started in Jalan Besar.
Sum Dim Sum Bedok offers a variety of dim sum dishes, ranging from steamed, fried, baked, to rice rolls and porridge. Some of their signature items include the Crispy Prawn Rice Roll, the Golden Liu Sha Bao. The dim sum here is freshly made by hand, using recipes passed. You can taste the quality and craftsmanship in every bite, as well as the love and passion that goes into making them. The portions are generous and the prices are reasonable, making it a great place to share a meal with your family and friends.
Besides dim sum, Sum Dim Sum Bedok also serves zi char dishes, such as Cereal Prawn, Roasted Herbal Duck and more. These dishes are hearty and flavorful, complementing the dim sum well. You can also order drinks and desserts to complete your dining experience.
Sum Dim Sum Bedok is not just a place to eat, but also a place to have fun.
Overall, Sum Dim Sum Bedok is a wonderful addition to the dim sum scene in Singapore. It offers authentic and tasty dim sum, as well as zi char dishes, in a cozy and lively setting. Whether you are looking for a casual brunch, a family dinner, or a fun night out, you will find something to suit your mood and appetite here. They offer 3 large private rooms (can seat 13 pax) with Karaoke system and you can sign while you dine

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