TANYU authentic Chinese dishes and the signature Grilled Fish

酸菜烤鱼 Grilled Fish with Sauerkraut

Known for its repertoire of authentic Chinese dishes and the signature Grilled Fish with Fresh Green Pepper, TANYU is pleased to announce the opening of its 5th outlet, at Waterway Point #B2-08 on 24 September 2022. In celebration of its opening, the restaurant launches a brand new “Super Shiok” menu, featuring a series of fun, enchanting, and luscious dishes, that are exclusively available at the new outlet.

Grilled Fish and Sauerkraut have long been popular Chinese dishes among Singaporean diners. Unique from the common grilled fish flavors known to be savoury, spicy, and numbing, the refreshing combination of Grilled Fish with Sauerkraut are sure to bring diners on to a new flavor spectrum of sourish-tangy, with just the right amount of spice that will keep them craving for more.

Get “Shiok” with The Star of The Menu

The main dish of the enticing menu, Grilled Fish with Sauerkraut (from S$43.90), features generous chunks of premium Chinese sauerkraut carefully selected from Yunnan’s old altar pickled mustard greens. It is no doubt that quality ingredients bring out the best of a dish; the selected sauerkraut are soaked in the old altar for 550 hours, with the temperature and humidity optimally maintained throughout day and night, giving it the best texture and flavor. Needless to say, the fresh and tender fish is delicately grilled to perfection, and further complemented with 9 ingredients including pickled peppers, potato slices, shredded onions, picked radish, and lemon slices, adding up to its “shiok-ness” that is promised to satisfy.

Hype it Up with The New Snacks Platter and Barbecue Delights

What’s a better way to start a party? Stimulate your appetite and taste buds with TANYU Party Platter (S$12.90), the perfect array for fried food lovers. As diners await the debut of the freshly prepared Grilled Fish, dig into the mouth-watering combo featuring crisp-fried golden mushroom with salt and pepper, crispy fried pork, shrimp crackers, and fried chicken tenders. Nothing beats a crispy hot platter of finger-licking fried snacks.

Keep the fun going with the new line-up of barbecue delights, Sizzling Hot Plate Tofu (S$10.80) and Grilled Beef Cube with Pineapple (S$6.90). The bite-sized sizzling tofu is beautifully grilled to the perfect texture that is crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside. The dish is served in hot bubbling sauce and topped with minced pork, parsley, and pickled mustards to add up for the crunch elements. For a meatier pick, the Grilled Beef Cube with Pineapple is highly recommended with its plump and tender beef cubes, grilled alongside a refreshing selection of pineapples and bell peppers. The dish lends an irresistible smoky black pepper flavor that is best to enjoy alongside grilled fish for the max “shiok-ness”.

Bubbling Drinks for The Champs

A “Shiok-ing” feast is not complete without drinks. The new outlet at Waterway Point launches not just any drinks but a selection of gorgeous summer drinks featuring Sakura Bubble Milk Drink (S$8.80) in dreamy summer palette served with jelly bubble, and Tangerine Hawthorn Drink (S$5.80) that comes with real tangerine peels for the sweet and sourish clash, serving as a citrus boost to balance the heavy flavor from the main delights.

Enjoy up to 50% off at the Orange Party

The new Waterway Point outlet will host an “Orange Party” from September 24 to 30 to celebrate its grand opening. Customers are invited to visit the new store in orange-coloured clothing or accessories (clothing with orange-coloured graphics are accepted too) to enjoy the party discount. The more the merrier! Patrons get to enjoy bigger discounts as they dine with more friends in the party dress code; 10% discount for single diner who meets the dress code, 20% discount for 2 pax diners who meet the dress code, the highest discount goes up to 50% discount for 5 pax diners in party dress code.

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