Imagine water-droplet enhanced with air falling on your skin, an infinity spray on your back to rinse and massage at the same time, these are new innovations that KOHLER will unveil in Singapore this September, enabling Singaporeans to create a personalised, sensory shower experience in their homes, like no other before.

A Re-Envisioned Shower Experience with Statement

Inspired by sleek design icons and soft approachable forms, KOHLER marries unique shapes with enduring craftsmanship and technology to breathe life into well-established shower standards. With the Statement collection, 7 immersive spray innovations allow one to craft a day-specific shower experience with an oblong shower head for a more enveloping entire body coverage, warm-misting Cloud spray, Deep Massage, Full Coverage Rain, a dense, wide Sweep, angled cascading Ribbon Massage and an Infinity spray for a 3-zone experience that incorporates rise, massage and coverage with interlaced shower streams.

The global Statement Collection includes a showerhead, four styles of hand showers, four unique rain heads, and two body sprays in a range of sizes and shapes.

Raising The Bar For Shower Experiences Through Digitalisation With KOHLER’s Anthem Value Control

KOHLER’s new Anthem mechanical and digital valve platforms have been meticulously engineered to fit global plumbing standards, while not compromising on KOHLER’s aesthetic specifications. The Anthem controls take their design cues from high-end home furnishings and have a minimalist, sophisticated, and warmly tactile vibe, with an intuitive and easy-to-use touch-sensitive control surface for the digital valve version.

Anthem’s valves can control up to six outlets, with independent temperature and flow adjustments from a soft, warm spray from the overhead rainhead together with a strong, hot massage from the hand shower. This makes for an almost endless combination of shower customisations for the Anthem’s set of shower sprays, rainheads and shower heads, which users can then programme up to 10 presets.

The Anthem even has a “warm-up mode” that purges cold water from the pipes and puts a hold on the hot water for up to two minutes until users are ready to get in the shower. With independent access to every spray and up to two temperature zones each, Anthem makes it easy to change settings with precision and set different levels of warmth for different areas of the body.

The mechanical version features pop-up dials to set and adjust flow volume for each outlet, marked with simple, universally-understood icons. Anthem controls.

KOHLER’s new Anthem controls transform the daily routine of showering into a customised corporeal event with the ability to instill a sense of well-being and transform the day, befitting KOHLER’s thoughtful, customer-centric mindset that seeks to elevate the ordinary and awaken the senses with each KOHLER product.

“Showering is so much more than just getting clean. It is a chance to feel rejuvenated, a moment to focus on self-care,” says Lun Cheak Tan, Kohler Vice President of Industrial Design. “A shower should provide a rich experience – through design-forward craftsmanship, meaningful functionality and uncompromised focus on the user.”

Both collections are available in polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, and brushed modern brass; finishes vary by region.

KOHLER’s Experience Centre – 5 Years of Global Collaborative Plumbing Solutions

Consumers and design professionals may experience the new KOHLER collections at the KOHLER Experience Centre (KEC) on Peck Seah Street. Established 5 years ago, each touch point of this iconic three-story conservation shophouse has been designed to inspire with KOHLER’s full range, showcasing 149-years of Unites States precision engineering, reliable functionality and innovations. KOHLER’s global specification service provided in the centre allows professional architects and designers to have instant, hands-on access to all products across the entire KOHLER global portfolio and an on-site KOHLER team of experts to help source and resolve complex plumbing projects around the world. Videoconferencing is also available, connecting customers with the full network of KOHLER product experts across the globe. Since the introduction of the KEC, the brand has gone on to establish other KECs in cities across the world, from Los Angeles, New York, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, London, Mumbai, Shanghai to Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta and New Delhi.

KOHLER’s Statement and Anthem collections will be available from September 2022.

Price starts at SGD 564 to SGD 27,477.

For more details, visit https://www.kohler.com.sg/articles/statement-anthem-showering.html

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