Coconut-Themed Thai Food & Mookata at Cocokata


Coconut-Themed Thai Food & Mookata at Cocokata where they serve a fusion of Thai food with the flavours of coconut.
If you like your classic thai cuisines with a little twist, Cocokata is a place to visit. They now have 2nd outlet at Changi Village.

Thai Lemon Steamed Seabass $26
Perfect for spice lovers, this dish seriously packs a punch! Mix the fragrant and flavourful lemon and chilli sauce with the soft and perfectly cooked fish for a balance of textures and flavours!

Besides their coconut-themed dishes, they also offer everyone’s favourite, Mookata! Their meats are marinated for at least a day, ensuring every bite is an explosion of flavour!
For their soups, they use Chinese herbs, coconut, chicken, water, and a blend of secret ingredients. Cocokata uses Thai coconuts, ensuring you get the best quality and the sweet and tropical taste with your dishes

For the Chicken Platter ($10), it comes in black pepper, original, garlic, and coconut. The coconut chicken is certainly a flavour you don’t usually find at most mookata places!
They also have a set for 2, $28 and set for 4, $50.
For the soup, it is less salty. Cocokata’s soup has the fragrant smell of coconut and you can even taste it in the soup! Refreshing and sweet with every sip

Several signature chillis are offered! Choices include suki sauce, seafood chilli sauce, coconut chilli, sweet sauce.

Pineapple Fried Rice ($7.50)
The Pineapple Fried Rice is fragrant, with the pineapple and raisins giving it a touch of sweetness. Have it with the cashew nuts for a pleasant crunchy texture!

Handmade Prawn Cake ($10)
On the first look at the Prawn Cake. This doughnut-shaped fritter is crunchy on the outside, with a paste inside containing small chunks of prawn.

Handmade Pandan Chicken ($8)
The Pandan Chicken is soft and tender, and deep-fried to perfection The chicken is moist and the scent of pandan instantly hits you

Crispy Pork Belly $16
Seafood Pad Thai $6.50
Tom Yam Seafood Soup $7.50

Prawn with signature coconut sauce $18
This is also another signature dish as they use coconut sauce so you get to taste something unique.

Besides their coconut-themed dishes, Cocokata also offers a plethora of your classic Thai dishes. There’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy.
If you work nearby and show your staff pass, you get 10% discount.

Special promotion beer bucket 6 bottles Heineken $23, you can get at this place.

Address: Blk 5 Changi Village Road #01-2021, Singapore 500005

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