Flavours By Saute Local & Western Fusion Plant-Based Dining Restaurant


Flavours By Saute is a Local & Western Fusion Plant-Based Dining Restaurant in Singapore.
It is also part of Saute Group. “Saute” evokes appetite appeal, the Chinese name “素特” stands for Extraordinary Plant-Based Food. The owner wants to push culinary boundaries, making food better each time. The food is crafted from Earth’s natural ingredients which are nutritious, natural and wholesome. Regardless of your lifestyle: vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, a health enthusiast or simply a love for the earth, they have something for you.

Notable Ingredients used here:

– High in fiber
– Suitable for people with gluten intolerance
– A good source of protein

Lion Mane Mushroom
– Improves brain health
– Supports heart health & good circulation
– Fights anxiety & depression

– Relieves stress
– Promotes oral health
– Fights the common cold

At Flavours by Saute, we tried some of their dishes which are delicious, healthy and plant-based.

Steamed Handmade Dumplings
Carrot Cake
Bak Kut Teh Lion Mane Hotpot
Lion Mane Thick Broth Yee Noodle
Sweet Vinegar Seaweed Beancurd Slices Rice
Ma La Xiang Guo
Handmade Quinoa Tofu Patty Burger and Fries
A&W Root Beer Float
Beauty Passion Fruit Drink

We loved that they offer nutritious and sustainable Plant-Based Food. A lot of creativity goes into designing the dishes using plant-based ingredients while recreating the familiar taste.
Especially the Bak Kut Teh hotpot, Sweet Vinegar Seaweed Beancurd Slices, Mala Xiang Guo, are very popular here.
It is a great place to come enjoy healthier food.

Funan Mall, #B1-30
107 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179105
Islandwide Delivery & Self-Pickup
Also on GrabFood, Deliveroo and FoodPanda
Tel / Whatsapp: 9830 8582

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